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U-Explore | 7 Summer Jobs That Look Great On Your CV
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7 Summer Jobs That Look Great On Your CV


7 Summer Jobs That Look Great On Your CV

Thinking of doing a summer job? Make sure you pick carefully! Your top concern may be banking some cash for the holidays – but the right summer job can also beef up your CV, giving you the edge when applying jobs in the future. Anna Pitts, who writes for The Graduate Recruitment Bureau steers you towards the smartest summer jobs to apply for…

Festivals, Gigs and Sports Events

Example jobs: Artist Liaison

You’re there for the sunshine, free tickets and the party atmosphere, but employers value jobs at summer festivals, sports events and gigs for other reasons. Working at events like Wimbledon, Glastonbury or V Festival show employers that not only do you like to have fun, but you are also a very hard worker too, willing to dedicate many hours to the job in an intense few weeks.

Fun for you because… You’ll get to spend time outdoors – hopefully in the sunshine – and might well catch a glimpse of your favourite sports stars or bands.

Impressive to employers because… They know the application process for jobs at festivals and summer sports events is competitive – so straightaway it suggests you are a high calibre employee. Plus, everyone knows event work means long shifts – and someone who isn’t afraid of hard work or ‘getting their hands dirty’ appeals to employers. Also, festival work can consist of practically anything, from catering to crowd control, demonstrating how you are a good multi-tasker.

Waiting Tables, Bar Work and Catering

Example jobs: Kitchen Assistant, Concierge, Street Vendor

Waiting tables in a restaurant or café, joining a catering service for functions or getting some bar work are great ideas for summer jobs. Employers like to see front of house positions like waitressing or bar work on CVs. It shows you’re a team player, good with customers and aren’t afraid of hard work.

Fun for you because… You’ll be working with lots of people your age – and some customers are very generous with tips, especially if you are sociable and work efficiently to keep them happy.

Impressive to employers because… Roles in the hospitality industry show you are friendly and competent, meaning you have great rapport with customers, can deal with tricky situations and thrive in a busy, demanding environment. Many hospitality roles can involve anti-social hours meaning you might have to do late night or early morning shifts – setting up for the day ahead or clearing up after last orders – so doing one of these jobs successfully shows real commitment.

Reception Work, Filing and Data Entry

Example jobs: Nursery Administrator, Administration Assistant

Employers love to see office experience on your CV, so basic admin and phone answering will help you build surprisingly valuable skills.

Fun for you because… You’ll get to experience office life, gaining first-hand insight into what it’s like getting up early every morning, working ‘9 to 5’, taking an hour for lunch – and listening to your colleagues gossip about each other…

Impressive to employers because… Bagging experience of admin work shows you are an organised and efficient worker. It also suggests you are used to phone and online systems. Whether you’re taking calls, booking clients in, filing notes or filling spreadsheets with data, it is all good experience. You’ll also get the hang of taking instructions from your boss or ‘manager,’ which is great for any job you have in the future.

Child-minding, Au Pairing and Babysitting

Hanging out with kids all summer is fun for you – and it’s also impressive to employers. Whether you’re in a full-time position with a family or just doing babysitting in the evenings, childcare jobs are a great addition to your CV.

Fun for you because… Children can be brilliant company – and hanging out with them is lots of fun! Whether you’re supervising them at home while they paint and stick in the kitchen or taking them to the park or waterslides, you definitely won’t be bored!

Impressive to employers because…Being trusted with someone’s children is the ultimate proof that you’re considered trustworthy and reliable. Childcare jobs also demonstrate responsibility and leadership, all of which are attractive to employers. If you’re working abroad, these jobs are even more impressive, showing you can explore a new country and do a spot of travelling while you are at it.

Shop work

Example jobs: Mystery Shopper

Far from being ‘just a shop job’ working in retail looks surprising impressive on your CV, especially if you do various roles at the shop to acquire a variety of skills.

Fun for you because… Selling stuff is far from boring! Your job will probably involve lots of variety, depending on what needs doing that day. You could be working on the tills, stock taking, visual merchandising (displaying products attractively) or performing shop floor duties.

Impressive to employers because: Customer service positions always look good on CVs as it shows employers you can deal with clients and trickier situations. Shop work suggests you are familiar with handling money and maintaining stock levels as well as advising customers on purchases to push sales. Retail roles can give you great experience with transferable skills.

Summer Camps

A popular summer job choice, especially for students, is counsellor and activity leader work at summer camps abroad, such as Camp America. These camps normally run for at least 2 months and although you do get break days you are effectively on the job 24/7 so they are intense roles.

Fun for you because… You’re a long way from home, probably somewhere sunny, working with people your age – and hanging out with teens and kids all day, playing sport and doing other fun activities. What’s not to love?

Impressive to employers because… Camp work shows you have a fun side but also that you are responsible as you may be left in charge of large groups of children and teens. You’ll work closely with your fellow camp leaders which shows you thrive in a team – a quality employers look for – and it shows that you can handle a range of young people, of all ages (which everyone knows isn’t easy!). If the camp is abroad it says you have an adventurous side and you’re likely to have gained confidence being away from home for such a long period.

Charity Fundraising (‘chugger’ work)

Example jobs: Fundraising Manager

Persuading passers-by to sign-up for direct debits to their favourite charities is hard work – we’ve all seen them pounding the pavements! But it’s great experience too, as you’ll gain confidence and boost your presentation and communication skills.

Fun for you because… You’ll be working alongside a team of people around your own age, and chatting to people all day in the street. The days when it’s raining might not be great, but persuading someone to give money to a good cause is very rewarding. You may also receive a bonus for every donor you sign up.

Impressive to employers because… To do this type of work you need to be an enthusiastic, upbeat person but also driven by targets and incentives. Employers will like the competitive side of you and your personable nature too. Everyone knows the work can be disheartening on slow days, but employers will appreciate your dedication and motivation, especially if it is for a good cause.

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