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U-Explore | 8 Steps to Success using Start
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8 Steps to Success using Start


8 Steps to Success using Start

With over 1,000 active users, Hope Academy on Merseyside is already well on the way to implementing Start across all year groups. Enterprise Co-ordinator, Louise Davies, has developed an 8-point-plan designed to help staff and students to make the most of Start, as well as enabling the senior leadership team to track and measure the effectiveness of careers activity across the school.

1. Educate Staff – ensure staff are fully aware of the benefits of providing careers information and guidance and that they understand the school’s responsibility in tracking this over a period of time.

2. Have Clear Outcomes – have clear objectives for what you want to achieve at the end of each year for Year’s 7-13, using skills, qualities, interests and work preferences as a baseline from the outset.

3. Provide Staff Training – introduce Start to all staff during a training day, demonstrate the software and make sure that the simple user guides can be accessed on the school’s shared drives.

4. Plan for Regular Access – ensure regular access to Start (in our case, we plan at least two 30 minute sessions per half term during form time for every year group).

5. Structure Activity – provide staff with access to the ready-made resources and activities (or create your own!) so that delivery responsibility is structure and shared.

6. Provide Staff ‘Drop-ins’ – hold drop-in sessions every half term for staff members if they need further information or training on any aspect of Start.

7. Student Mop Up – use the reports in Track to hold ‘mop up’ sessions to help register students that have been absent or to engage those identified as inactive.

8. Keep it Visible – as well as using the data in Track to demonstrate impact to SLT, create and regularly update a Start noticeboard with key information including a breakdown of activity per year group and a list of top trending job aspirations across the school.

“Start has been important in developing the careers information and guidance we provide to our students. They enjoy using Start and it promotes discussion through the information they can access both in school and at home. Investigating careers allows them to make better choices when choosing their options and gives them a realistic insight in to the qualifications and routes in to the jobs that interest them. The support and resources provided have been fantastic in helping us to embed this into our form time programme”.

“Using the reports in Track has allowed us to identify which students are fully engaging with the use of Start and those we need to target in extra sessions. We have been able to look at trending job interests across year groups and then discuss this further by looking at availability as well as planning what qualifications students need to pursue that career path”.

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Or, if you’d like to chat to one of our team about how you can get the best from Start, or if you need some help setting up your school’s free account, please just get in touch.