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U-Explore | 9 Top Tips To Find Work This Summer
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9 Top Tips To Find Work This Summer


9 Top Tips To Find Work This Summer

Need a job between school, college and/or university terms? Here are some top secrets for securing that summer job!

Make Sure Your CV Is In Shape

Your CV is your personal advert telling employers why you should get the job, so make sure it’s in tip top condition!

Make sure there are no typos, make sure it has all the skills and experience you can offer, and make sure it’s easy to read and understand. Put the most important information on the front and keep it tight.

Use your profile information from Start to begin building your CV!

Start Looking Early

Lots of companies start publishing their summer jobs on job sites as early as February and March, so start looking immediately if you haven’t started already. Don’t forget, you’re not the only person with time on their hands this summer. Getting in early could give you a sneaky advantage.

Look Online and Offline

Your local shops might post their jobs in the store itself or in the window. Even some big stores pop up their summer job ads in-store because it’s more efficient. When you’re looking for something local, make sure you don’t just search from your couch. And don’t forget to check the local newspaper and job centre too.

Say Hello

While you’re there you may as well pop in your local shops, restaurants and any other businesses. Even if they don’t have jobs for you at that moment, employers will like your initiative (initiative is an important employability skill to have, after all!) and it helps them put a friendly face to the application if an opportunity does come up. And you never know – if you impress they might create some work for you.

TOP TIP: have your CV ready to give to employers when you walk in so they can keep it on file.

Make Sure You Research The Company

It’s the first rule of jobhunting, but some people still don’t research the company before they apply. You need to at least know the basics about the company you are applying for, even if it’s ‘just a summer job’. Employers will look for the best candidate for them, regardless of how long the role is for, so study up. Research will help your application and make it easier if you get to the interview stage.

Check Your University/College

If you’re in university or college there might well be an opportunity for you to work there over the summer. Even though you and your fellow students have left for summer adventures, the people that work there will stay. There might well be clerical work in the HR (human resources) department, for example. Ask around to see if you can lend a hand. Check out their career advice services, too.

Have An Open Mind

There’s no need to be too choosy with your summer job. If you can find something that will directly help your career then hooray. More likely, this will be an entry-level temporary role that will give you some pocket money for summer fun and beyond. Be flexible with what you choose but remember a summer job can boost your CV in many ways. And don’t forget about the super important transferable skills you will be picking up.

Recruiters Can Help Too

Local businesses will quite often use recruitment agencies to help with hiring. From your perspective they know lots of potential openings and are in direct contact with the recruiters, which will help your chances of getting that chat. Call them up, drop in (if you can), discuss what you’re looking for and give them your CV.

Use Your Friends

Hunting for jobs with friends can be a great way to find something. It’s more fun to look with people you know, it keeps you motivated and two sets of eyes are better than one. Plus, some summer jobs like holiday parks will recruit batches of people for the holiday season so you can point each other in the right direction and give each other a helping hand.

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