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U-Explore | Helen Lee
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Author: Helen Lee

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Schools striving to embed employability into the curriculum are now being given the opportunity to track and measure the effectiveness of this as accurately as they can monitor key performance indicators on academic achievement. Over 1,500 schools across the UK have been using Start for the...

Andrea Collins, Director of Sixth Form at Kearsley Academy, is transforming her school’s approach to gathering and using student aspiration data to plan a careers guidance programme which puts relevant and meaningful encounters with employers at its heart. Kearsley Academy is one of nearly 1,500 schools...

Greenwood Academy in Birmingham are one of the latest UK schools to get on board with Start, after an engaging demo by U-Explore's CEO Andy Pickles. Following a recent AET group presentation, the school's leader on IAG, Nick Cheese, was keen to quickly disseminate what he'd...

Like any careers adviser, Lesley Cassell of Ecclesfield School strives to make careers guidance relevant, engaging and impactful, while facing the challenges of limited time, access to facilities and budget. Thankfully, our careers guidance software, Start, has enabled her to create a strategy that ticks all...