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U-Explore | Helen Lee
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Author: Helen Lee

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By Andy Pickles, CEO and Founder of U-Explore Today, the long-awaited Careers Strategy was finally revealed by the Skills Minister, Anne Milton. This welcome announcement serves as a reminder that schools are doing everything they should be if they are to ensure all their students leave...

Almost one in ten say choosing the wrong career is their biggest regret in life A recent study indicates that job satisfaction in the UK is low, with many workers wishing they were doing something entirely different with their lives. The research, commissioned by www.startprofile.com shows...

A firm that provides online careers guidance to young people is looking to double in size within a year after receiving backing from Lloyds Bank. Leeds-based U-Explore provides free, comprehensive and impartial careers guidance for schools, colleges, students and parents via its Start software that matches...

Schools striving to embed employability into the curriculum are now being given the opportunity to track and measure the effectiveness of this as accurately as they can monitor key performance indicators on academic achievement. Over 1,500 schools across the UK have been using Start for the...