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U-Explore | Colliding with Opportunity…
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Colliding with Opportunity…


Colliding with Opportunity…

A view on the importance of connecting with young people from our CEO, Andy Pickles

At the ripe ‘young’ age of 48 I am a Chief Executive Officer, a father of three children and husband of one.

I have toured the world as a hard house DJ, being paid to play records for 20 years and had an encounter with a rabbit based pop star in the 80’s called Jive Bunny, which spawned three number one records.

Life has been interesting to say the least but not without its challenges.

There was no masterplan that got me to this point in my life with this collection of accolades and bruises because like many people I slalomed my way through life colliding with opportunity with a belief that anything is possible if you put yourself out there, give it your best shot, don’t fear failure and be prepared to learn at every opportunity.

With plenty of stories to tell and a passion for helping people get out of third gear to achieve their potential, I have the privilege of speaking regularly in schools to thousands of young people as well as many parents. I thoroughly enjoy these sessions when I hope to provide a spark of inspiration that might just nudge my listeners through their gears to do something purposeful so they also put themselves in a position to collide with opportunities and achieve a life less ordinary.

I was compelled to write this short blog post in my capacity as the CEO of U-Explore, a company committed to raising the aspirations of young people and also in my role as a father of 3 children, two of whom are navigating their way through teenage years. In both my personal and professional world whether it’s hearing from young people in schools or hearing from my own children I can’t escape the importance of insight and influence from third parties and in particular employers. Hearing from those who have been there and having the opportunity to have hands on experiences is invaluable.

Teachers, careers advisers and parents have critical roles to play in inspiring and guiding young people but in my experience outside influence is the most valuable commodity we can provide if we are to unlock the next generation of talent and motivate young people.

Getting employers and employees involved in schools is proven to have a positive impact on young people so let’s do more of it and better connect employers far earlier with their future workforce!


To connect with Andy and keep up to date with his varied and fascinating life, follow him on Twitter @andypickles

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