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U-Explore | How Start went Viral Around the Teaching Staff of one School
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How Start went Viral Around the Teaching Staff of one School


How Start went Viral Around the Teaching Staff of one School

Greenwood Academy in Birmingham are one of the latest UK schools to get on board with Start, after an engaging demo by U-Explore’s CEO Andy Pickles.

Following a recent AET group presentation, the school’s leader on IAG, Nick Cheese, was keen to quickly disseminate what he’d learned through Greenwood’s teaching cohort.

Rather than waiting until the next staff training opportunity, Nick chose a more direct call to action. That same evening he sent out a casual email invitation to ‘a twenty minute voyage of self discovery…’

“Bored of Jezza? Got nothing to do while your boyfriend/girlfriend/cat/dog sits engrossed over pseudo upper class types trying to impress Mary Berry? Try this for 20 mins…

Go to My Profile
About Me
Fill in the drop down sections: Skills / Interests / Work Qualities / Preferences

Find the 3 most suitable jobs for you… I apparently should be a prison employment learning skills advisor or an occupational therapist…. It’s a busy time and a busy world but if some of you could try it I would really appreciate it. It’s a brilliant looking and free site that could really support our students in the transition process. But I want to know what people think.

Back to Jezza!”

Within just three hours Nick had been bombarded with a multitude of responses from his colleagues – it seems the Start platform is as engaging for staff as it is for students! Here are just a few of the emails to hit Nick’s inbox that night:

“If you haven’t already, give this a go! It’s so much fun and will definitely get my form to do it – thanks Nick! I got Sports Physiotherapist, Food Scientist and an Occupational Health Nurse… After trying some other tests I also got Brewery Worker… šŸ™‚ Now, back to Mary Berry!”

“I really like this, I ended up with: Politician, Prison Employment Learning Skills Adviser, Trade Union Official. So using this with 7E!”

“I have done this, apparently I should be an Equality Officer, a Paediatrician or a Science Presenter… guess I’m not too far with that last one eh? It’s quite interesting to see what is suitable for me, but also the likelihood of availability for that career. Definitely worth doing…”

“It’s worth taking the time to complete. You might find out something about yourself you didn’t know. My 3 jobs are: Creative Arts Worker, Exhibition Designer, School Business Manager”

“I think I’m pretty well suited… My top suited job was Teacher of RE… Drama Youth Worker and Educational Psychologist were also in there. However I’m choosing to ignore ‘Life Coach’ as that was obviously caused by a glitch in the system… Definitely using this with my form Nick thanks!”

“Watch out when you go on holiday folks – mine came up as Airline Pilot! Or possibly NCA Cyber and Intelligence Officer…. Ooh la la!”

When rolling out Start across your teaching network, why not adopt Nick’s approach of tasking them to try it out for themselves? Let us know the results by tweeting or posting on our Facebook page!

To read more feedback from Greenwood Academy staff, visit our Instagram feed.

If you’d like to chat to one of our team about how you can get the best from Start, or if you need some help setting up your school’s free account, pleaseĀ just get in touch.