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U-Explore at the heart of their careers

Taking a strategic whole-school approach

U-Explore at the heart of their careers

Kings College recently became a fully sponsored academy, within the Guildford Education Partnership multi-agency trust. It is a mixed school, taking students aged 11 – 18 years old with approximately 500 students on roll.

The school first opened as Park Barn School before being renamed Kings Manor in 1991. In the year 2000, the school re-opened as Kings College, refurbished and
with an almost entirely new teaching team. The school successfully established a sixth form in 2009.

As part of Surrey County Council’s Youth Engagement Contract, all young people between the ages 13 – 19 years old in Surrey have access to U-Explore’s online careers and employability platform.

With U-explore, we map, deliver and monitor the impact of careers.

Kings College made the decision recently to put U-Explore at the heart of their careers provision. As the school’s partner for careers, U-Explore consultants and a dedicated careers adviser have worked with the school to help make this a reality.

Duncan Hewson and Helen Frank-Keyes from the school, describe their plans to make careers guidance a whole-school issue and a driver to unlock student potential:

“Kings has been using U-Explore for a number of years but not with a structured and strategic whole-school approach,” says Duncan. “With U-Explore, we are working closely to map, deliver and monitor the overall impact of our careers advice and guidance programme.

“The three key questions we ask students are ‘what’s your purpose?’, ‘what’s your destination?’ and ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’. The tools at our disposal with U-Explore are ideal to be able to help provide the right forum to raise the level of awareness and aspiration amongst our students.”

“We are now in the process of rolling out U-Explore Online to the entire school, through year group assemblies, PHSE lessons, within the sixth-form and in the Learning Resource Centre,” adds Helen.

U-Explore Online offers a remarkably accessible way for students at our school to engage positively with their futures.

“U-Explore Online offers a remarkably accessible way for students at our school to engage positively with their futures, both in terms of increasing expectations and uncovering the best routes into the careers they wish to explore. The huge range of online material allows students to gain clear and relevant information
about the kind of jobs that are available, including jobs that may not have even existed ten years ago.”

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