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Measures That Matter – the absent dials on every SLT dashboard

Measures That Matter – the absent dials on every SLT dashboard

Schools striving to embed employability into the curriculum are now being given the opportunity to track and measure the effectiveness of this as accurately as they can monitor key performance indicators on academic achievement.

Over 1,500 schools across the UK have been using Start for the past year to provide students with reliable, impartial information and decision-support tools to help with their educational and career choices.

In addition to this, Start is providing forward-thinking schools with the support to understand, manage and demonstrate how their activities and inputs impact on student employability.

The team behind Start is supporting these schools to develop and deliver an employability framework which begins in Year 7 and progresses through to Year 13, and is measurable and tailored to the individual needs of their students.

Backing this up is the data schools need to monitor and manage student aspirations and engagement around jobs and future study. Schools working closely with the Start team also benefit from sharing best practice insights based on how the plan is being implemented by other engaged schools.

“Like many schools, we continue to think about the core purpose of our curriculum and what it is we are trying to achieve with our students. We are working hard to make employability a key thread from Year 7 to 13. And if we are to be successful in helping our students prepare for a rapidly changing world we need to know how well we are doing it long before they leave us and in a more sophisticated way than simply looking at destination data.”

Jonny Uttley, Executive Principal, South Hunsley School & Sixth Form College

If you would like to lead the way in improving how students can demonstrate their employability as clearly as their academic achievements, contact the team on 0113 276 8080 or email jon.arundel@u-explore.com