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Online Guidance

A comprehensive careers advice solution

U-Explore provides an online guidance service which gives schools and colleges using U-Explore Online a comprehensive solution to the careers advice needs of the whole cohort. Service users can send careers questions to an online guidance professional who will respond within 3 working days..

U-Explore’s Online Guidance option provides an online messaging service for students, parents and teachers to communicate with a dedicated, qualified careers advisor. With a rigorous safeguarding and quality control process, schools can be assured that their learners have access to high quality support as and when they need it.

This service offers guidance that is impartial, independent and available to all from within the U-Explore Online resource.

Andy Pickles, CEO at U-Explore, says: “This service is essential if we are to deliver careers guidance that meets the needs of today’s generation of young people. Careers guidance shouldn’t just be restricted to the availability of an adviser in school, it should be available on-demand when a young person most needs it. Naturally, when they are exploring jobs and opportunities on U-Explore Online it will provoke questions, which can now be answered online by a qualified adviser.”

As an online service, it offers a high degree of flexibility and provides greater access to professional advice and support. In many cases, the provision complements the work already being done in schools and colleges by staff – particularly as the service can be accessed by the whole school community as and when they need it.

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