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U-Explore | Results day is coming
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Results day is coming


Results day is coming

Results day is coming up this month and you’re probably nervous about what will happen when you open that envelope. Trust me, I know how you feel! You feel like your whole future is in there. That was me – a couple of years ago – and now I’m here doing my apprenticeship at U-Explore and I thought you’d appreciate a few words of advice…

The Wait! 

This is a time when parents can be just as nervous as you are, if not more so! But the truth is that there isn’t anything you can do right now; so just make sure that the pressure is off! Now is the time for relaxing so try to find something to do either with friends or family to pass the time.

On The Day

Try not to get dragged into everyone else’s drama. Emotions run high on results day: some people will be happy, some sad and others might not care. But at the end of the day, their results aren’t impacting your future, so focus on you.

Pleased with the result?

Great! Getting the results you wanted will mean your options are wide open to take your next steps. No doubt you’ve already decided what these will be but it’s worth taking a look at what the future might hold on your path to success! There are loads of great sites out there for you to start exploring your options but (and I’m biased) why not take a look at startprofile.com and get inspired about the jobs and careers out there?

Not what you expected? 

It won’t stop you achieving your dreams! There are things you can do which might take you on a different path but it will be worth it if you get there in the end. So don’t panic – there is still time and you do have options.

– Firstly, there are foundation courses which you can do for a year and then progress on to the full course. It might be another year in college, however one extra year to achieve your goals isn’t much in the grand scheme.

– If you fell short in a subject such as maths or English, colleges deliver functional skills. Here you are still on the course you want, but for a couple of hours a week you will have to redo that subject and retake the exam so you can pass your course at the level you want.

– Lastly, show some initiative and prove you are meant to be part of that course you wanted! Ring up the college and ask if it is possible to arrange a meeting, bring in a portfolio of work, show off and prove they need you on their course. Go through the prospectus, find the units and do a little bit of research on each one. Show your interest in the course and your passion to succeed and see if you can work something out. What have you got to lose?

What’s next?

If you have the results you wanted, it’s time to celebrate. And if you didn’t quite get there just remember… there is always another way! A splash of determination and a sprinkle of confidence might take you further than you think!