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Start is an innovative and easy-to-use careers guidance software helping young people make better and more informed choices about their career path.
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Simplify and improve careers provision at your school or college

Start is a free and comprehensive digital platform, offering schools and colleges a single starting point to help simplify and improve careers guidance.

Start helps schools and colleges to meet their statutory duties around careers guidance, combining the most comprehensive source of information with a personalised student experience and tracking capabilities to help teachers monitor student progress and engagement.

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information from reliable and trusted sources

  • A flexible framework designed to deliver careers guidance from Year 7-13

  • Guide students through key moments of choice and transition from education to employment

  • Promote the importance of careers and employability across your school or college

  • Improve the employability and social mobility of your students

  • Meet statutory duties and standards for best practice delivery including Gatsby benchmarks

  • Monitor student aspiration and engagement with their career development

  • Access data to evidence and improve careers guidance and provider engagement

Schools & Colleges

Start helps you to meet statutory duties around careers guidance, combining the most comprehensive source of information for students with tracking capabilities to teachers.


Start provides you with all the information you need in one place, you can set up a personalised profile to help you make better education and career choices.


Use Start at home with your child to help cut through the fog of careers advice and begin making more informed choices – every step of the way.

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