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START – for Parents

All the careers information you need in one place, accessible 24/7, independent, impartial and free.

Designed and developed by U-Explore, the UK’s leader in careers advice and guidance, Start is a free online tool that helps your child cut through the fog of careers advice and begin making better choices – every step of the way.

The journey from education to employment can be a bewildering one, both for children and their parents. With so many websites offering guidance and information on careers or further education, it’s often difficult to know which one is right for your child.


Start provides children from ages 11 to 19 with the means to discover what’s out there, no matter what step of the journey they are on. Start’s intuitive interface is easy to use, so you and your child can get to grips with it and start creating a personal profile immediately.

  • We find out what your child is good at by giving them the chance to think about their skills, interests, personality traits and the kind of working environment they would prefer. By building a Start profile with this key information, our advanced software helps your child uncover careers they may never have even thought of.

  • Start’s Job Suggestions section will then allow your child to investigate jobs in our vast database that suit them, including understanding salaries, what a typical day in the life looks like, and the qualifications needed to progress into this career.

  • Once they’ve learned a little more about themselves, the jobs that suit them and the courses they could take to get there, Start will suggest education providers locally that might be a good fit for your child’s next step in education or training.

  • Start has also been created with schools and colleges in mind, making it easier for teachers to help students to understand how the work they are doing in their subject lessons connects to the real world. With all the relevant and impartial information Start provides your child, making proactive and informed decisions about the next steps of their journey couldn’t be simpler.

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