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Complete access to your student data in Start

Monitor student aspiration and engagement with their career planning

The student data in Start enables schools and colleges to monitor student aspiration and progress on Start; as well as evidence their delivery of a stable and personalised careers programme that is well managed by the leadership team.

On Track Report
Details the jobs students are interested in alongside their personal suitability for the role and how available each job is in the local labour market.
– Evidence informed choices being made at 14, 16 & 18
– Track and monitor target cohorts
– Plan differentiated individual and group guidance sessions

Skills Report
Help identifiy skills gaps across cohorts of students and assists the planning of targeted interventions for improvements
– Monitor and improve the emloyability skills of students
– Track skills development over a specific period of time
– Evidence the impact of wider careers and employability activities

Access Report
Provides all teaching staff with details of activity and time spent on Start, allowing schools and colleges to evidence access to careers information for every student.
– Filter by date, individual, year group, target group and gender
– Export data to spreadsheet or PDF

Aspirations Report
This report identifies the preferred destinations, qualifications and job roles for all students individually, by year group or targeted group.
– Evidence student awareness of all qualification routes
– Share progression information with parents
– Plan encounters with employers and providers based on student interest

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