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Questions that seem to be frequently asked

General & Company


Where are you based?

Our head office is in Leeds and we have a network of careers guidance professionals based in schools across the country.

Can I get more information? Can I arrange a meeting?

Of course! We enjoy telling people about what we do and how we can help. Visit the Contact Us section of this website to find out how to reach the right person. We can speak on the phone, arrange a web chat or come and meet you face to face.

What experience do you have in the educational and careers sector?

We have a network of over 3,000 schools and colleges using our products and services as well as a strong track record of delivering contracts for local authorities ranging from educational technology products to targeted intervention services for young people. Our team is also made up of qualified teachers and careers guidance professionals.

Can U-Explore design a careers programme specifically for my school?

Yes, we’re very good at that. We’ve done this for lots of schools and we can mix statutory guidance with best practice and whatever it is that makes your school unique to come up with something relevant and fantastic. Visit the Consultation section of this website for more details.

We're looking for a careers advisor to work with our students on a regular basis. Can you help?

We can help with this whether you’re looking for something regular or ad hoc, face-to-face in school or online. Check out these sections on this website for more details.

I'm a careers professional, are there opportunities for me to work with U-Explore?

We’re always looking for the very best people to join our growing network of guidance professionals to deliver both face-to-face and online careers guidance to young people. Take a look at the services and get in touch using the details in the Contact Us section.



How can I register?

Anyone can register for Start in seconds at startprofile.com.

Why is Start free?

We are committed to providing all young people with access to quality careers information and advice regardless of where they live or what their school’s career budget is.  The core elements of Start that enable young people to make better choices will always be free. We’ll cover our operating costs by providing additional optional upgrades that schools and colleges can subscribe to.

I am having problems registering or logging in - where can I get help?

Call our team on 0113 276 8080 or email support@startprofile.com.

What is the difference between U-Explore Online and Start?

Put simply, U-Explore Online helps young people to explore the world of work and develop employability skills, whereas Start focuses on a young person building a personal profile and then connecting their job and career aspirations to recommendations on what and where to study in order to get there. Start and U-Explore Online are separate products. You can access the great features of both products at the same time. Contact us to find out how.

Can you track students' progress in Start?

Schools, colleges and training providers using Start can upgrade their subscription to access student data and reports that help to evidence and improve careers guidance programmes (we’ve even mapped these reports to help provide evidence against areas including Ofsted and DfE expectations as well as the Gatsby benchmarks).

Does Start carry adverts, sponsored content or links?

No. However, in order to improve our product whilst keeping it available for free we are exploring ways in which we can engage partners. We will ensure that any such partnerships do not impact on our independence and impartiality.



How does U-Explore comply with GDPR?

We are absolutely committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our users.


U-Explore has been a trusted provider of services to schools and colleges for many years and as such our standards for the protection of personal data are very high. Using the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as our benchmark, we regularly review and update our technical infrastructure as well as all relevant procedures and policies.

You can read our Privacy Policy for details on how we comply with the regulations for protecting your data.

Will my access to your online products be affected as a result of GDPR?

No. Schools and colleges using our products will continue to be able to use them with students of all ages and there will be no need for users to re-register.

How do you use personal data?

The information we collect from students is used to personalise their experience and to help them to make sense of all the careers information and advice available. We also provide authorised users at schools and colleges with access to student data so that they can provide a better service and improve the guidance received by young people. Full details of how we use the personal data we collect is in our Privacy Policy.

Where is your data located?

The data that we collect is stored on systems owned and maintained by U-Explore Limited in secure data centres within the UK with access limited to authorised individuals.

How long is student data retained?

Students can continue to use some of our online platforms after they have left school or college, but after two years of inactivity beyond Year 13 (age 18) we will remove personal data.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

All questions, comments and requests are welcomed and should be addressed to data@u-explore.com.