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BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE AND BUILD YOUR SKILLS You might have friends who volunteer – doing something extra in their community, just ‘because’. But why do they bother, when they don’t have to? Here are six big reasons why you should consider volunteering… It’ll Boost Your Confidence Been feeling...

DON’T JUST BANK THE CASH – BUILD SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE TOO! Thinking of doing a summer job? Make sure you pick carefully! Your top concern may be banking some cash for the holidays – but the right summer job can also beef up your CV, giving...

Need a job between school, college and/or university terms? Here are some top secrets for securing that summer job! Make Sure Your CV Is In Shape Your CV is your personal advert telling employers why you should get the job, so make sure it’s in tip top...

With over 1,000 active users, Hope Academy on Merseyside is already well on the way to implementing Start across all year groups. Enterprise Co-ordinator, Louise Davies, has developed an 8-point-plan designed to help staff and students to make the most of Start, as well as...

Andrea Collins, Director of Sixth Form at Kearsley Academy, is transforming her school’s approach to gathering and using student aspiration data to plan a careers guidance programme which puts relevant and meaningful encounters with employers at its heart. Kearsley Academy is one of nearly 1,500 schools...