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Andrea Collins, Director of Sixth Form at Kearsley Academy, is transforming her school’s approach to gathering and using student aspiration data to plan a careers guidance programme which puts relevant and meaningful encounters with employers at its heart. Kearsley Academy is one of over 3000 schools...

Download: STEM crib sheet resource Looking for some quick and easy to prepare ideas for activities that will inspire young people to become Scientists, Mathematicians and Engineers? This crib sheet is designed for any teacher teaching a STEM subject and will help to widen aspirations around STEM based careers. Use...

Time and time again schools tell us that what Year 12s struggle with most, when writing their personal statements for UCAS applications, is evidencing their skills and qualities. They might have their academic requirements all sorted but how can they stand out from the crowd? How...

We've been overwhelmed by the response to Start so far this year. From teachers telling us that Start is 'better than anything else I've seen' to students describing the software as 'one of the best things I've gone on to see what jobs match me',...