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How to make a good impression in your work experience, internship or placement. This is your time to shine! 1. It’s OK To Ask If you’re not quite sure about something, ask. It helps you learn the system faster and shows you’re keen to improve, which any...

Did you know that volunteering can make you more employable? When you give your time to a worthy cause it’s good for your karma and your CV. Here are five skills you can develop when you volunteer. Responsibility When you volunteer it is a great chance to...

Summer jobs which give you a chance to show the world what you can do can crop up in all sorts of areas, from sports and music events to office work, shop work, ‘chugging’ (charity fundraising) and more. Check out 7 summer jobs that will...

You might have friends who volunteer – doing something extra in their community, just ‘because’. But why do they bother, when they don’t have to? Here are six big reasons why you should consider volunteering… It’ll Boost Your Confidence Been feeling a bit ‘meh’? What you need...

Thinking of doing a summer job? Make sure you pick carefully! Your top concern may be banking some cash for the holidays – but the right summer job can also beef up your CV, giving you the edge when applying jobs in the future. Anna...

A view on the importance of connecting with young people from our CEO, Andy Pickles At the ripe ‘young’ age of 48 I am a Chief Executive Officer, a father of three children and husband of one. I have toured the world as a hard house DJ,...