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The right start in life

The right start in life

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Late last year I was visiting the Head of Careers at a school in Northampton discussing U-Explore and our plans for Start, when I was struck with the comment that since the demise of Aimhigher and the fragmentation of the Connexions service, there is no one brand that schools, parents and young people can relate to or trust with regard to careers advice and guidance.

Our aspiration is to become this brand with Start. But in doing so, it’s important to address – and not underestimate – the significance of being trusted, and do everything we can to make sure that Start really does deliver a quality service and experience for young people.

To that end, as well as constantly consulting with parents, students, teaching and guidance professionals to optimise the Start experience, we reached out to Professor Tristram Hooley, one of the most respected figures in the world of careers guidance, to do an external review of Start set against the current policy landscape and the fast changing digital world we live in.

The report is very encouraging and gives me great comfort and satisfaction that with over 1,150 schools using our products that we are already making great strides to become that trusted ‘go to’ brand for careers guidance.