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U-Explore announces a new release of its leading careers software Start

U-Explore announces a new release of its leading careers software Start

U-Explore has announced that since launching its careers software Start last year, over 6,000 teachers have started using the product to deliver and underpin their careers guidance programmes.

Feedback from these teachers and the usage data of over 120,000 students in 2,000 schools and colleges has been used to inform the latest version of the product due for release on 31st October 2017.

Speaking today, Founder and Chief Executive Andy Pickles said “After a very busy year of development I am incredibly proud to announce the next release of Start which has some fantastic new features and resources that will ensure young people across the country have access to the best possible careers information and the ability to record and evidence the development of their interests and employability skills.

I often get asked what makes Start different to the many other careers resources available and why should schools and colleges choose it. The answer is quite simple: Start isn’t just about pushing information out and hoping young people access it and understand it. It’s a unique platform that provides a young person with a structure. It’s about them building a profile which then enables us to tailor content and support to help them navigate their way from education to employment.

The end product will be a far more informed student with a well rounded Start profile, which they can use to showcase – and more importantly articulate – their interests, skills and achievements to a future employer, college or university. It also means that those schools and colleges in our network will have the confidence that they can deliver a stable and comprehensive careers programme using Start.”

To read more about what has been included in this latest release, click here.

And for more information on how to become a Start school or college, visit the website here.