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U-Explore Awarded Unique Quality Standard for Information, Advice & Guidance Services

U-Explore Awarded Unique Quality Standard for Information, Advice & Guidance Services

The U-Explore team has ended 2016 on a high after being awarded a unique quality standard which recognises excellence in the delivery of information, advice and guidance.

The matrix Standard is an internationally recognised mark for organisations to assess and measure advice and support services which aid individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

During an external assessment of the range of services provided by U-Explore, both full time and freelance staff demonstrated that the organisation does indeed meet the criteria expected for the standard, with a ‘forward thinking and enthusiastic leadership’, ‘excellent technical products’ and ‘high quality face-to-face IAG services’ all being cited as areas of excellence.

Strengths identified through the assessment include:

– The quality of the information embedded in the IT-based products is of an exceptionally high standard.

– The face-to-face guidance service and IT-based resources link seamlessly in schools where both services are provided, allowing U-Explore’s careers advisors to provide meaningful guidance rather than basic careers information.

– The organisation has a dynamic approach to its partnership activities, recognising the importance of forging relationships with relevant networks in order to drive the organisation’s development forward.

U-Explore CEO Andy Pickles congratulated the whole team on their efforts:

“Achieving the matrix Standard has reinforced for all our staff, from the developers working on our flagship online service Start, to the Careers Advisors on the ground in schools across the UK, that the guidance and support we are offering to young people is second to none, and we will continue to build and develop this high quality of service into 2017 and beyond”

This accreditation means the U-Explore team can move into the new year with renewed confidence that the range of services on offer, both online and face-to-face, are of the best quality and will continue to grow and evolve with exciting plans afoot for the early part of 2017.