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U-Explore | Volunteering – 6 Reasons To Get Involved!
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Volunteering – 6 Reasons To Get Involved!


Volunteering – 6 Reasons To Get Involved!

You might have friends who volunteer – doing something extra in their community, just ‘because’. But why do they bother, when they don’t have to? Here are six big reasons why you should consider volunteering…

It’ll Boost Your Confidence

Been feeling a bit ‘meh’? What you need is a change of scenery and a new challenge. Volunteering means you throw yourself into something completely and different – and pretty much everyone who gets involved with vInspired says that volunteering puts an extra spring in their step.

You’ll Give Back To Your Community

Most people choose to volunteer in their local area. As well as making your placement easy to get to, you’ll also gain the satisfaction from knowing you’re making your neighbourhood a better place to live. In fact, if there’s a problem in your community that you’d like to fix, vInspired will even give you some cash to fund your project.

You’ll Meet New People

Okay, you’ve got your mates from school, college or uni – but wouldn’t it be nice to meet some fresh faces? Some people who haven’t known you for ages – and don’t know all your most embarrassing secrets? By volunteering, you’ll meet a whole new group of people your age who live in your area.

It Looks Great On Your CV

You’ve probably heard that the job market is pretty tough right now. Having some extra experience can really help you stand out from the crowd when you start applying for your first proper job once you’ve finished school, college or uni – or when applying for a summer, Saturday or part-time job if you’re still studying.  Three quarters of employers say they would recruit someone with volunteering experience over someone without – and 94%of employees who have volunteered in the past say it helped them to get their first job or promotion. Why do employers love volunteering? Because it shows you are motivated, experienced and able to work with anyone.

You’ll Gain Valuable Skills

In many ways, a volunteer placement is similar to a job – you have a role and responsibilities to go with it. You’ll be working in a team, probably with a list of tasks to complete and some kind of deadline or end point to work towards. Think of volunteering as a ‘starter job’. It’s a no-pressure opportunity for you to gain your first insight into what it’s like to have a real job. What you learn will also give you some fantastic material to talk about in interviews.

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