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U-Explore – What we do

For the individual. For society. For the economy.

Our priority is for a young person to make an informed decision about their future and informed decisions rely on the alignment of careers guidance with jobs in the labour market. This is why our innovative Start programme, for instance, is connected to live labour market information and course data, allowing users to create a personal profile which generates suitable jobs, qualifications and new destinations to explore.

Suitability and Availability

We refine and make relevant the wealth of careers information out there, from local labour market intelligence to courses and providers. We provide the tools, such as START, for young people to manage this information based on their own suitability and the likely availability of the jobs and courses they are interested in.

Supported Navigation

It’s about arriving at the right place at the right time. We give young people information on all of the routes available, and the support they need to determine the destination. As part of this journey, we believe in access to a network of people – on and offline – able to provide guidance, be it general advice or directly from those in the work place.

Successful Transition

U-Explore’s services recognise the different level of support young people need, whether it’s the innovative use of technology to build and share a profile or portfolio; or more targeted personal interventions for groups such as those at risk of NEET

Consistency and Compliancy

To create true equality of opportunity between individuals and smooth the variations in each school or college’s capacity to deliver an effective careers programme, we make access to information universal. We build on this by using best practice to create robust strategies, which ensure providers and local authorities meet high expectations and statutory duties.

Products & Services


START is a free, innovative and easy-to-use online careers guidance portal for schools and colleges allowing young people to set up personal profiles in ordcer to make better and more informed choices about their career path.

Pathways Tracker

An easy-to-use tool designed to help schools track and monitor the progress of each learner above and beyond academic attainment, enabling staff to measure, evidence and improve the effectiveness of their whole careers programme.

Careers Guidance

Working with one of our qualified careers guidance professionals, we offer timely and targeted face-to-face and online guidance sessions to support options and informed decision making that will enhance your existing career provision.

U-Explore Online

Our independent and impartial online careers platform provides students with an intuitive careers guidance search engine and personal profile builder. Schools can access a wide range of teaching resources plus data to evidence student progress.


Our teaching and learning experts can help you to plan an innovative programme of delivery, be Ofsted ready, track and evidence progression, prepare for an award, communicate with stakeholders or collaborate with other school clusters.

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